How To Relieve Ear Pain Using Warm Compress

How to calm an earache using warm compress? There are many ways to calm earache in the comfort of your home and one of it is a simple solution of warm compress. I can say that, it is the easiest way to relieve an ear pain that will response instantly.

If one of your family members has a hearing disability and wants to do so while without the doctor’s advice or the specialists about it, there are safe ways to stop the pain.

Two Common Ways To Relieve Ear Pain Using Warm Compress

  1. Apply a warm compress to the sore ear. You can heat the compress from a washcloth covered with heat and water, or from a hot water bottle or a heat pack purchased by a drugstore. Do not suffocate enough for the skin. You can prevent your attachment as you wish. You can also try to remove it. Place an ice bag in place for 15 minutes. Then put the hot compress on for another 15 minutes. Twice to three times.
  2. Hold a blow dryer with the length of a hand from your ear and squeeze the air placed in a “warm” or “lower” position to the ear. Do not use heat or high temperatures.

These are the easy ways we can test, and these are ways we can get to know or easily find in our own home. May be helpful in these ways that we can take on emergency situations when one of your family is sick of hearing.

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