Simple Earache Remedy | Use Olive Oil To Sooth Ear Pain

Using Olive oil is also one of many ways that relieve earache even in your home. Many people don’t know how to do it, that’s why I decide it to post in my blog to guide simple solution of olive oil to calm ear pain. Olive oil is the simple remedy that we can use quickly without needed a technical knowledge. Just follow the steps showing on this page and observe for the relieve.

To relieve pain, place a few drops of warm olive oil in your ear. Oil works by stimulating the inner ear to be stimulated. Many people used it and it works! You can also try it by following the steps below.

Steps To Relieve Earache Using Olive Oil

  1. Bottles can be placed in a small cup of warm water for several minutes to warm. Put the oil in the ear directly, then plug the ear with cotton.
  2. If you use this method for newborns, try it while your baby is sleeping and you can erect it to keep the oil in place. You should not place the balloon in the baby’s ear.

Note that there is no peer review evidence that this does anything besides the placebo effect. Hope this way with olive oil will help each other that suffer from ear pain.

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